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WWE Champion John Cena def. R-Truth

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Driven by bitterness and fury, the unhinged R-Truth vowed to silence the “Little Jimmys” of the WWE Universe by toppling their hero, John Cena, and leaving Capitol Punishment with the WWE Championship he had stolen from The Champ just six days earlier. However, after nearly ending Cena’s WWE Title reign in the District of Columbia, it was the delusional Superstar who got “got” in this volatile main event, which culminated with a “splash.” (PHOTOS)
Truth has intimidated members of Cenation over the past several weeks, but it was one of Cena’s loyal admirers at the Verizon Center who would show the former rapper “what’s up” during his first-ever one-on-one WWE Title opportunity. When Truth tried to steal a drink from a young fan at ringside, the stalwart Cenation member cooled off the hip-hop hothead by throwing the beverage in his face. Cena then capitalized, tossing the stunned Truth back in the ring for a much-deserved Attitude Adjustment.
John Cena with a young Cenation memberAfter losing a WWE Title opportunity to John Morrison on Raw back in April, Truth revealed a more sinister side to his personality, proclaiming that his past desire to entertain the WWE Universe kept him from attaining championship glory in WWE. Furthermore, in Truth’s warped version of reality, he has been the victim of an elaborate “conspiracy” that has kept him from unleashing his true potential.
Taking out his many frustrations on Morrison and Rey Mysterio, Truth went on to target yet another former friend in Cena, but he didn’t stop there. On multiple occasions, Truth has antagonized members of Cenation face-to-face, using Cena’s connection with his fans to get inside the WWE Champion’s head. In fact, it was one such vile encounter with a father and son that helped Truth earn a count-out victory over Cena on the May 30 edition of Raw. Following that heinous distraction – which catapulted Truth into a WWE Title bout with Cena at Capitol Punishment – the conspiracy theorist shockingly doused the elder Cena fan with a beverage. However, bound together by mutual hustle, loyalty and respect, neither the denizens of Cenation nor their leader were about to let this transgression go unpunished.
John Cena vs. R-TruthMultiple times during this emotionally charged confrontation, Truth nearly put away The Champ to capture his first WWE Title – a notable achievement given his recent “secession” from the WWE Universe. However, in spite of his rugged offense and conspiracy-fueled determination, Truth was no match for Cena’s perseverance and a little liquid retribution from Cenation.
As disturbed as he might be, Truth’s remarkable performance at Capitol Punishment proves he is a force to be reckoned with on Raw whether the “Little Jimmys” of the world like it or not. Nevertheless, Cenation has plenty of reason to celebrate following Cena’s impressive WWE Title defense in Washington, D.C. Hail to The Champ!

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